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BERD provides various types of research data to researchers. Explore our extensive repository brimming with diverse datasets and comprehensive metadata. Each dataset comes with proper citation information, enabling you to understand the context which the data has already been used. Discover links to a wide range of cutting-edge algorithms and training and education modules tailored to the respective dataset at hand. Come and unlock a world of possibilities with our data repository!

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What types of data does BERD provide?

Open "big" data

A selection of curated and publicly accessible "big" data whose high quality is proven by existing research

Access open datasets

Supplementary data from various sources and disciplines relevant for social science research

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Exclusive corporate datasets

Proprietary datasets that allow answering specific research questions together with a company

Access corporate datasets

Shared research data from the community, available on request

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Data from research projects

High-quality research data from funded research projects

Access funded research project datasets

Guidelines on how to upload and manage data from funded research projects (PDF)

How to Upload Funded Research Projects

Dataset of the Month

Netflix Prize Data Set

Netflix (2009)

This dataset was constructed to support participants in the Netflix Prize. See [Web Link] for details about the prize.

There are over 480,000 customers in the dataset, each identified by a unique integer id.

The title and release year for each movie is also provided. There are over 17,000 movies in the dataset, each identified by a unique integer id.

The dataset contains over 100 mill...

Cited in e.g.,
Narayanan, A. (2008), "Robust de-anonymization of large sparse datasets"

The BERD platform focuses on FAIR research data.
What makes research data FAIR?


Find datasets currently scattered around the web or hidden in internal databases all in one place


Access data on the BERD platform or from trusted sources


We provide data in standardized formats together with exhaustive metadata information and a DOI


Refer to clear terms of use and comprehensive metadata documentation