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BERD@NFDI empowers researchers to enhance the full potential of (big) data along the entire research journey.

Valuable resources of unstructured data such as text, images, audio, and video datasets support researchers to enhance existing knowledge in business, economics, and social sciences.

BERD@NFDI provides the opportunity to reuse existing data and enhance its impact in generating new knowledge in a wide variety of research fields in social science. At BERD@NFDI, existing data can make an impact that can go further than the initial collection purpose: A clear sign for sustainable science.

Driven by the idea of open science at the intersection of publicly funded research and private for-profit implementation of new business ideas, building connections between two worlds can power innovation for everyone.

BERD@NFDI provides the platform for successful cooperation between companies and research teams by providing a secure data marketplace for controlled data exchange. Interoperability with established open-source projects enables the integration of reliable tools to disrupt science with FAIR principles.

From a scattered landscape of (big) data sources to a unified approach without compromising independence. A public directory creates transparency keeping unique capabilities of research groups and infrastructure.

Together with strong international partners, BERD@NFDI builds on top of trusted entities within the scientific realm. Universities and dedicated research centers combine their forces to create a new platform to increase reach and relevance.

As part of the national research data infrastructure (NFDI), BERD connects FAIR principles of data sharing and exchange and contributes to achieving a widely supported goal as a part of a larger development.

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